Can we pay per incident rather than put our device under TotalCare?

The TotalCare agreement guarantees the cost to maintain the utilities FC300 equipment for the term of the contract, it also guarantees 6 day turn-around, access to FC300 supplies, and technical support of the handheld software. Outside of TotalCare, a repair can cost on average 2.5x more than the cost of TotalCare maintenance for that same unit. We also do not guarantee turnaround on non-contract repairs. For time and material accounts the delivery of batteries, antennas, etc will be 3-4 weeks. We recommend TotalCare for the support of the Utilities Itron FC300 platform, but we will provide support under either service model.

Our Itron Maintenance coverage ended 12/31/21 resulting in our Utility being without support since the beginning of the year. How does this lapse of coverage impact my ability to obtain warranty coverage through TotalCare.

With TotalCare you can begin coverage today and have any device currently damaged serviced under time and material.

What is the expected turnaround time on repairs

<TotalCare repairs are guaranteed in 6 business days. Repair turnaround is not guaranteed for Time & Material repairs but on average experience a 2-3 week lead time.

Who is responsible for shipping costs?

Shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.

Does JPW offer technical support?

Under TotalCare, priority phone support for the handheld is included.

Do you require an annual preventative maintenance check with TotalCare?

No, it is unnecessary to send metering hardware in for an evaluation when the device is functional. The only PM measure we recommend is to replace the main battery every two years. Any Itron hardware fault that occurs when that recommendation is met indicates the handheld needs to be sent in for service.

Is accidental damage included in TotalCare?

Yes, TotalCare includes accidental damage- limited by abuse.

How do I send equipment in for service?

Visit our website and click on “start a repair” The submission of this form initiates the repair process. You will receive your RMA confirmation in a follow up email with instructions on how and where to ship your service request. There is no need to contact JPW once you have received your RMA confirmation email. If an order is sent in without an RMA, it risks being returned unrepaired to the return address provided.

Are accessories included with TotalCare?

No, supplies and accessories (hand straps, batteries, stylus, clips, antennas etc.) are not included in the TotalCare repair event. JPW does however guarantee access for TotalCare customers needing to purchase new supplies. Please request an “Itron FC300 Supply order form” to place orders.

Do you offer loaner equipment during repairs?

Loaner equipment is not necessary as TotalCare offers expedited 6 day turnaround. JPW recommends that our customers purchase spare inventory if the Time & Material 2 week turnaround is not adequate for their requirements.

Does JPW accept Credit Card Payment?

Yes, JPW accepts ACH and Credit Card payments.

Does JPW provide terms?

The initial repair/ sales event is required to be prepaid. Following this prepayment the customer will be granted Net30 terms. Invoices paid after Net30 days are subjected to a 1.5% per month late fee and run the risk of terms being revoked.

Does JPW recycle used equipment?

JPW would be happy to recycle your unused equipment and offer a credit on your account if applicable.

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