JPW Associates is now JPW Technologies. Same team. Same great service.



JPW Associates is a leading independent service provider of data processing equipment; supporting post-warranty units worldwide. With decades of experience, JPW has developed matchless proficiency in depot maintenance. We offer the highest standards of service with cost effective rates, exceptionally responsive turnaround and a standard 4-month warranty. Our reputation as an innovative and reliable strategic partner has provided JPW Associates with opportunities to develop our engineering and manufacturing capabilities. As a result, we find ourselves at the vanguard of many industries, with novel solutions for vertical markets. This has propelled JPW into a position of particular interest among clients who desire to leverage our expertise so as to better navigate the complex technological environment.


Vision, Mission
and Beliefs

We understand that failed equipment can be a costly, unwelcome and sudden concern. It hinders productivity and distracts from your business objectives. Many service providers magnify this problem by charging exorbitant prices for unresponsive service. With JPW Associates, things are different. It is our goal to redefine the way that Industry thinks about service. We couple industry knowledge with technical expertise and ingenuity to provide support that seamlessly integrates with customer processes. Our service allows you to focus on the things that matter and get back to business- faster, easier and more cost effectively.


JPW Associates was founded by John Wristbridge in 1986. The small, basement startup began by servicing Point of Sale equipment for retailers in the United States. As reliance upon technology grew among our customers, so did we. Portable data processing equipment soon became a popular business tool and JPW was positioned to provide the highest levels of post-warranty support. With a focus toward quality, responsiveness and cost effectiveness, JPW Associates continued to develop a reputation for excellence and experienced growth in the Retail, Utility, Fuel Delivery and Field Service markets. In 2005, this growth drove the decision to open our international headquarters in Audubon, NJ. With direct access to major metropolitan markets such as Philadelphia, New York City and Baltimore, JPW prepared to expand operations further. In 2013, JPW Associates opened a facility in Melbourne, Australia, so as to maintain the integrity of our service to customers overseas. This exciting new addition to the JPW family extends our commitment to quality, responsiveness and cost effectiveness to businesses throughout Australasia, Indonesia, Singapore and the Philippines. A restless pursuit of excellence has helped establish JPW Associates as a comprehensive solutions provider. Today, we once again find ourselves positioned to provide the highest levels of support. However, by engaging engineering and manufacturing capabilities, JPW now meets an evolving set of challenges through a suite of proficiencies. This affords our clients an adaptive, innovative and reliable strategic partner with whom success is attainable.



John Wristbridge is the president and founder of JPW Associates. As a third generation entrepreneur, John was raised in an environment of hard work, integrity and customer service. This early education is still apparent in the leadership style that John employs and has come to shape the culture of his company. John recognizes how his personnel impact the products and services that JPW offers. As a result, he provides an enriching corporate environment, where independent thinking and an open-door policy prevails. He believes that this overflows into the customer experience by encouraging collaboration and creative problem solving. There is an unspoken resolve, that reverberates throughout JPW and drives its success: no problem is too large, nor project too complex. This corporate attitude reflects its leadership, who is determined to provide the highest possible levels of service to customers around the world. John speaks of the “inherent sense that JPW is uniquely situated as a solutions provider.” His confidence in JPW to exceed customer expectations has been tested and repeatedly proven.